Dubai Investors

A short introduction on how to find investors for your company in Dubai

Finding investors in Dubai for your startup

Dubai is very unique in the way that it has attracted investors from many countries. This also means there are a multitude of ways that investors go about investing; some have a very aggressive risk profile, while others are very conservative. Like the residents of this country, investors are very diverse. Below, we have compiled a duba UAE-based investors that might be relevant for investing in your company.

List of Dubai Investors

  • Wamda Capital
  • BECO Capital
  • Gulf Capital
  • Government and Semi-Government Entities:
    • Mubadala
    • Dubai Future Foundation
  • Family Offices:
    • Al Ghurair
    • Al Futtaim
At Kjøller, we ourselves invest in a wide variety of companies, primarily in Denmark, but also in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The founder of Kjøller, Magnus Kjøller, moved to Dubai in 2014 but is originally from Denmark. That's why our main focus is on these two countries.

We prefer to invest in companies that, at a minimum, have a proof-of-concept and some revenue, although it doesn't need to be substantial.

If you're an investor, why not join our Investorlist? You'll get a notification when one of our companies is looking to raise capital.

And if you're a UAE-based investor focusing on the UAE market and would like to be featured on our list of investors, just reach out to us, and we'll be sure to add you.

If you are looking for Danish investors (because we are originally from Denmark and also get a lot of interest from Danish companies) try having a look at the "Hvor kan jeg find en investor?" page on our Founders AMA (danish content).

Apply for investment

If you wish to apply for an investment from Kjøller, you can do this using this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

With an investment from Kjøller, the typical intention is to take the company to the next step and scale operations. Kjøller, besides capital, has an extensive network and knowledge capital among the staff, so an investment from Kjøller comes not only with capital but also many years of experience.
We prefer to stay in our portfolio companies for a period of 5-6 years before exiting, but the duration typically depends on many variables and can therefore vary from case to case.
In addition to product, potential, and people, which are Kjøller's investment pillars, a larger due diligence process is typically carried out in connection with investments. Therefore, it is generally expected that the company has its figures and documentation in order.
Our interests and experience are broad, so our portfolio is not specifically industry-specific in principle.