Deal Flow

Get Access to More Deals

Increase your deal flow to gain more investment opportunities.

Many investors experience very low deal flow. This lack of deal flow can severely limit their investment opportunities and overall success. By making a concerted effort to increase deal flow, the opportunities begin to set in, providing a broader range of potential investments to consider.

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." – Chris Grosser

At Kjøller, we receive close to a thousand new investment opportunities yearly. This high level of deal flow is a testament to our proactive approach and robust network. Our philosophy is to build a strong deal flow that enables us to evaluate and assess as many companies as possible. This strategy allows us to set our bar really high and only consider the best opportunities available.

The more investment pitches you see, the better your chances of finding the right revenue or equity-generating opportunity for you. A high deal flow means you can afford to be selective and focus on the investments that align best with your goals and criteria.

Your deal flow is like a river of water. Don’t let it dry out, or you won’t catch any fish. Maintaining a steady deal flow ensures a continuous stream of opportunities, enhancing your chances of finding the perfect investment.

Typically, investors get deal flow from relationships, attending network events, and in-person meetings. This traditional approach is effective, but it has its limitations. Supplementing this with deal flow from other channels, such as online platforms, industry publications, and strategic partnerships, can significantly increase the volume. By diversifying your sources of deal flow, you are not solely relying on your own network and the time invested in events. This comprehensive approach maximises your exposure to potential deals and helps you stay ahead in the competitive investment landscape.

Increase Your Deal Flow

If you are looking to increase your deal flow, consider joining our Investor List. We will share information about our portfolio companies that are in the market for debt or equity raises 3-4 times per year. All companies are ones we have invested in ourselves, ensuring a high level of quality. It’s free and non-binding to join the investor list.

Learn More About Deal Structuring

If you are generally interested in deal structuring, we recommend the book "Deal Structuring - An Investor's Guide to Better Deals." This book consists of 257 highly condensed pages on how to build and structure better deals.