Investment Opportunities

Increase your deal flow with new investment opportunities.

Looking for the next big thing? Aren’t we all.

At Kjøller, we receive close to a thousand cases every year, but we invest in only a handful of promising companies and participate in subsequent rounds where they raise additional growth capital.

If you would like to get notified with new investment opportunities when our portfolio companies take in new investors, consider signing up for our investor list.

We identify good companies by looking for the right people, the right product, and the right potential. We seek passionate, skilled founders who can inspire and lead their teams, valuing honesty and teamwork. A good company offers innovative products that meet real market needs, show strong market interest, and have clear benefits. It's also important that these products can grow and adapt. We assess growth opportunities, market size, trends, and competition to ensure long-term success. By focusing on these factors, we invest in companies with great potential that align with our commitment to innovation and excellence.

We don’t promote every startup we come across. Instead, we genuinely help our portfolio companies raise the funds they need to reach the next level. If we’re not invested ourselves, we don’t share the case with our investors. That’s commitment.

About Our Investor List:

  • Exclusive Opportunities: Access carefully curated investment opportunities.
  • Quality Over Quantity: We focus on high-quality companies with strong growth potential.
  • Trust and Credibility: Benefit from Kjøller's extensive experience and successful track record in investments. Invest with us in the next rounds directly into the company (we are not a fund and don’t charge you a commission).
  • Free and Non-Binding: Signing up is free, non-binding, and non-spammy.
If you want to increase your deal flow with quality company investment opportunities, then sign up to our investor list today - it’s free and non-binding (and non-spammy).