UAE Investors

Practical Advice and a List for Startups Finding Investors in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a hotspot for high net worth investors, both private and professional. In 2024 alone, the UAE is set to attract 6,700 millionaires, making it one of the top destinations worldwide for wealthy individuals. For startups, this theoretically presents an exciting opportunity, almost like shooting fish in a barrel.

However, the reality can be more complex. Despite the wealth influx, many startups find it challenging to raise capital in the UAE. With many different schools of thought among investors, the UAE's investor community is diverse, bringing unique opportunities and challenges.

To succeed raising capital from UAE investors, startups must understand the market's nuances. Investors often require extensive documentation and rigorous due diligence. Different investors may demand varied valuation models, IRR models, market analysis, risk assessments, financial budget plans and more.

It can be a mouthful, but don't be discouraged. What one investor might ask for is not representative of what another will request.

Being well-prepared, patient, hardworking, and adaptable is key to succeding in raising capital to your startup from UAE investors.

Kjøller's Investment Approach

At Kjøller, we invest in great people and their companies. Danish founded, but now based in Dubai, we invest in both startups and mature companies, offering a responsive and pragmatic investment approach. We pride ourselves on quick replies to investment inquiries, usually within 24 hours, without burdening founders with excessive material requests.

If you have a startup, feel free to send us an application.

A List of UAE Investors

We love helping startups in every way possible. That's why we've created a list of UAE-based investors, including private individuals, family offices, and professional institutional investors, to support your growth and success. . This list is a valuable resource for startups looking to connect with potential investors in the UAE.

  • Mubadala Ventures
  • Waha Capital
  • Noor Capital
  • Al Dhaheri Capital Investment Group
  • Gulf Capital
  • Shuaa Capital
  • ADQ
  • 500 Startups Middle East
  • Turn8
  • BECO Capital
  • Wamda Capital
  • Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP)
  • Arzan Venture Capital
  • RAED Ventures
  • VentureSouq
  • Shorooq Partners
  • Global Ventures
  • iMENA Group
  • Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners
  • AstroLabs
If you are a UAE investor and would like to be featured on our list, feel free to reach out to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An investment from Kjøller aims to elevate your company to the next level and expand operations. Besides providing capital, Kjøller offers extensive industry knowledge and a robust network, bringing valuable expertise and support to your business.
Typically, we remain invested in our portfolio companies for 5-6 years before exiting. However, the duration can vary depending on numerous factors specific to each case.
Kjøller's investment criteria focus on product potential, the team, and growth prospects. A comprehensive due diligence process is conducted, so companies should have their financials and documentation in order.
Our investment interests are diverse, and we do not limit our portfolio to specific industries. We welcome applications from companies across various sectors.