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Invest in Startups with Kjøller

Each year, millions of startups receive funding, ranging from small amounts to substantial multi-million investments.

For the past 20 years, Kjøller has invested in over 75 startups worldwide. Now, we offer other investors the opportunity to invest alongside us when our portfolio companies seek to raise capital.

At Kjøller, we are dedicated to helping our portfolio companies grow. Our commitment goes beyond providing capital; we also offer our expertise and network to support their development.

When you invest in the companies we present, we don’t charge you any fees. Additionally, we don’t manage a fund – all investments occur directly between you and the company. This approach ensures a straightforward and transparent investment process.

By joining our Investor List, you can participate in our deal flow without any obligation.

  • Exclusive Opportunities: All opportunities are with our portfolio companies in which we are invested.
  • Direct Investment: Investments occur directly between you and the company.
  • No Fees: We are not a fund and will not charge any fees for investing.
  • Free Signup: Stay informed about investments that match your profile.
  • Non-Binding: Joining the Investor List is 100% non-binding.
  • Easy Opt-Out: You can request removal from the Investor List at any time.
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