Board of Directors Vacancies

Enhance Your Career with Corporate Governance Positions in Leading Companies

Why is corporate governance vital for businesses today? It ensures that companies are managed with integrity, accountability, and transparency, fostering trust with stakeholders and driving long-term success. If you’re a professional eager to make a difference in this area, we invite you to explore corporate governance positions within our portfolio companies.

Since 2008, we have been committed to excellence, investing in over 73 companies and actively managing 36 portfolio companies. Our focus spans Ventures and Properties, and we understand that strong governance is key to guiding these companies toward sustainable growth.

Corporate governance roles encompass critical responsibilities such as setting strategic direction, overseeing management, ensuring compliance, and maintaining stakeholder relations. These positions are pivotal in shaping the future of our companies.

We are constantly seeking experienced professionals to join our Board List. By being a part of this list, you'll be considered for upcoming corporate governance opportunities as they arise. We value a diverse network of professionals and are always looking to expand it to find the best matches for our portfolio companies.

Joining our Board List provides a unique opportunity to enhance your professional reputation, connect with industry leaders, and contribute significantly to the success of various companies. This role also offers the chance to gain invaluable board experience and receive additional remuneration for your expertise and efforts.

If you have the relevant experience and a passion for corporate governance, we encourage you to join our Board List.

We are dedicated to building effective boards with the right expertise. Sign up today and be a part of our journey towards excellence in corporate governance!

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