At Kjøller, we have a comprehensive range of tools to support and drive the success of our portfolio companies.

Financial Support for Every Opportunity

With a comprehensive toolbox of diverse financial instruments at our disposal, we are able to assist our portfolio companies in their growth and development.

Financial Tools

Short Term Financing

We provide tailored short-term financing options, including loans or credit lines with durations of up to 12 months. Our deep understanding of each portfolio company enables us to swiftly execute approvals for short-term loans, typically within just a few days.

Most companies, at some point, encounter the need for guarantees to banks, landlords, suppliers, or other entities. We leverage our robust financial foundation to offer these essential guarantees, effectively aiding our portfolio companies in meeting their requirements. Learn more:

Import/Export Support
Several of our portfolio companies operate in the import/export trade. By offering specialized guarantees and supplier credits, we enhance their financial capabilities, enabling them to conduct more business than they would otherwise be able to.
Direct Investments
We engage in direct investments by strategically allocating capital directly into promising companies. Our direct investment strategy is focused on building long-term value, working closely with company leadership to achieve their strategic goals and enhance their market position.

With a dedicated Fundraising team and a curated Investor List, comprising of 1.610 investors who have committed DKK 1.273 million in interest, we assist our portfolio companies in connecting with investors for subsequent investment rounds.
Invoice Purchasing
We assist our portfolio companies by offering invoice purchasing services by acquiring their unpaid invoices at a discounted rate, providing them with immediate cash flow. This solution is especially valuable for businesses dealing with extended payment terms or those needing to quickly secure working capital.

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