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Kjøller is a privately held holding and investment company, owned 100% by Magnus Kjøller. The company, which is operated from Dubai, is focused on investments in startups and scaleups, as well as helping existing portfolio companies with strategic advice.

We have active investments in more than 30 portfolio companies, which together employ more than 700 employees.


The company was founded by Danish entrepreneur, Magnus Kjøller. The foundation of Kjøller is based on profits from own companies and Internet concepts, which since 2010 have been reinvested in properties and startups and scaleups within various industries. The broad experience with diverse and successful companies has made us the competent investment company, we are today.


At Kjøller we invest not only with capital, but with knowhow as well. Our team takes an active role in helping our portfolio companies with strategic advice, legal sparring and networking.

An investment from Kjøller is, therefore, a valuable resource at several levels.


Magnus Kjøller

Magnus Kjøller


Serial entrepreneur and Business Angel. Educated in computer science. Magnus has through his 15 years as owner-manager built up experience and skills within among other things, subscription business, online marketing, strategic planning, business development, investment, and financing.

Jens Christian Thordal Poulsen

Jens Christian Thordal Poulsen

Legal counsel

Legal Counsel at Kjøller. Educated from SDU, experience with financial leasing, entrepreneurship and business operations. Jens Christian has competencies within, e.g. legal advice, risk management, contract law, company law, and business development.

Søren Bay

Søren Bay

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager at Kjøller. Educated from CBS with extensive experience within finance. Søren is primarily responsible for our real estate portfolio but also takes an active role in helping our venture companies with strategic and financial advice.

Frederik Thomsen

Frederik Thomsen

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager at Kjøller. Master in Corporate Communication from AAU. Frederik has competencies within strategic communication, branding, journalism and experience from the PR and communications business.


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